Saturday, September 29, 2007

I dare you!

These handsome men are my counterparts in Myanmar.

Though we are of different breed, we are all dogs - running dogs aka 走狗!

And as all good running dogs all over the world do, in peace time, we bark, and in riotous time, we bite!

One unique feature which separates us, running dogs, from you people is this: while you people have internal morality and principles , we have nothing of that sort.

我们的良心被狗吃了 被钱财与权利给淹没了。

We recognise only 2 things: One, money. Two, power. Give us some money and some power, and we will pledge our unquestionable loyalty to the giver. That is, for as long as the money and power continue our way. (The questioning part will come, when we are no longer given money or power).

For a price, we will throw morality to the wind, and do anything and everything our Masters order us to do.

Yes, that includes killing you peasants if you people dare rebel.





Stop looking to Myanmar for inspiration!!!

Those people have balls. You slaves don't!

Now, go back to work and work and work...till you drop dead.

I can tell you straightaway right now, right in your face:

No welfare means no welfare.

You can be old and sick and had contributed to the economy for the past 60 years. SO WHAT? WE DON'T FUCKING CARE!!!!

Stop bothering us with your plight, you > 85 years old 的老不死!

What has that to do with us? We are young - being from Young Pay-And-Pay! 85 years old is too far for us to imagine.

If you really want welfare, foot the bill with even more of your own money, after having paid us lots of money!

Not happy ah?

Dare to meet us in the cul-de-sac? We have our knuckle duster on. We are ready for YOU.

I dare you to rebel!

Woof! Woof!


Anonymous said...

Actually, rebelling in Singapore will not result in bloodshed. NSmen are our fathers, brothers and sons. They are among us and will not shoot at us. It's different in those big countries where they can bring in soldiers from city A to shoot strangers in city B. Here we are all in one city and we = NSmen.

young-pap said...

Anonymous, I hate to crush your dream. We didn't import the Gurkhas contingent here for nothing! And we didn't isolate them in Mount Vernon camp and refuse to let them mix with the locals for nothing! There is a reason for that and if you still don't realise by now, I will be kind enough to let you know --- The Gurkhas are here for one purpose: to shoot you if you rebel, or if you prevent us from escaping with your money, in the event that we cannot contain the situation.

Look at it this way: we managed to get you peasants to pay for the Gurkhas' food, lodging and salary, and to train and arm them, so that they can, ultimately shoot your father, mother, brothers and sisters!!! That have been our intention for the past 40 years, and you people support our intention to kill your familyi every 4 years! That's how foolish you peasants have been, and I don't mind revealing that to you. After all, I know you people dare not rebel.

Woof! Woof!

quit said...

Yeah right. We may be coward sporn who dare not shed blood. But we have legs. We can emigrate.

young-pap said...

Quit all you want. We will import even more from China and India. Even better actually. Those people are PR and citizens by registration. They can have their PR and citizenship revoked any time if they dare rebel. We need only make sure we have enough citizen-by-birth to man our various ministries and statutory board, and these are the elites we buy using scholarships and high salaries.

The rest of you? Yeah, f**k off to Oz or Canada if you wish. You are replaceable!

Woof Woof!

Anonymous said...

Hi bootlicker, you say that your conscience is eaten by the dog.Are you not afraid of going to hell when you die.