Monday, September 17, 2007

Citizen on Surveillance

Sep 16, 2007
The Straits Times
THE next time engineer Kelvin Kai goes for his evening walk or to have a drink at the coffee shop, he will also be on the lookout for suspicious-looking people in his neighbourhood.

Mr Kai, 48, is among 43 residents in the Braddell Heights area who have volunteered to take part in a neighbourhood watch programme called Citizens On Surveillance.

Under the project, resident volunteers such as Mr Kai will be trained in crime detection skills, such as how to detect suspicious persons and note down their physical characteristics.

The volunteers are also taught how to look inconspicuous while on their rounds. They are to pass any information they have gathered to the police.

I spy on you, you spy on me.
All while trying to look inconspicuous.

I report on you, you report on me
One whole nation of citizens surveillancing each other.

I am being watched everywhere I go, and I watch you everywhere you go.

It's like Nazi Germany, cultural revolution China, current North Korea.

I love such countries. Our little red dot is soooooo exciting!

For this reason alone, I will never emigrate. Quite the opposite.

I, a very "on" member of Young Pay-And-Pay, has already signed up for this program.

Fellow citizens, watch out!

I will be "on the lookout" for you while you walk, eat, shop and follow you around anywhere and everywhere. But don't worry. You won't realise you are being watched. I will be inconspicuous. The police have trained me well.

And when the police eventually stopped you, you wouldn't even know why they picked you out, out of so many people. I am inconspicuous, remember? LOL

Long Live PAP.
May you live as long as Nazi Germany, China under the cultural revolution, and North Korea did.


Majullah PAP!

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Your observations and comments are spot on!