Sunday, April 1, 2007

WILL demolish him

"If they vote for [Chee Soon Juan], they'll have five years of misery because in five years we'll demolish him." - Lee Kuan Yew, 2001 General Elections

There is no need to demolish Chee. Chee will demolish himself. This guy doesn't make sense at all! Read what he wrote on his SDP website:

Let's not get mad, let's get busy
29 Mar 07

Dear fellow Singaporeans,

The Internet has been seething with anger over the latest round of salary increase for our ministers. I don’t need to go into the figures for you already know them.

Not only have the ministers lavished on themselves quite obscene salaries but they have also, through their remarks, shown complete and utter contempt for the feelings of Singaporeans. Which prime minister would say that he and his colleagues should not be expected to make 'unnecessary financial sacrifices' when even a minister is paid more than the president of the United States?

What's more, this comes on the heel of a GST hike amidst data showing that lower-income earners continue to see their wages shrink. And then the Prime Minister tells us that it does this in order to help the poor.

Enough of blogging. Enough of posting your frustrations online. Enough of complains. We’ve been doing that ever since the scheme of pegging ministerial pay to the most lucrative professional salaries started in the mid-1990s.

We need to stop talking and start exercising our rights – no, our solemn duty – to speak up for our nation. We need to let the PAP know that it cannot treat us like doormats.

I know many of you are still fearful. But you must act in spite of your fears. When you do, you'll discover the power of your courage you never thought you had. When enough of us overcome that fear, the PAP will listen.

Let not our fear freeze us into inaction. And let it not be remarked that, like Nero, we fiddled while Rome burned.

What can you do? For starters, go down to Orchard Road at Ngee Ann City Shopping Centre this Saturday, 31 March, starting from 12 noon to about 3 pm where my colleagues and I will be selling the book The Power of Courage. Come by to say hello and leave us your contact. If you have children, bring them along. My kids will be there.

We will need your assistance in the planning of a series of activities leading up to May Day in a month’s time. Here’s your opportunity to do something constructive and to really stand up for Singapore.

Remember my fellow Singaporeans, we are citizens, not slaves! Citizens have rights and we need to exercise those rights. I leave you with this thought: Aeroplanes are safer on the ground, but that was not what aeroplanes are made for.

See you on Saturday!

Chee Soon Juan

Unbeliveable! How can he compare Singapore to United States??? I have never been to the United States, but based on what our news media tell me, United States is a small country. Everyone live in cities and work in high-tech industries. The whole country is so insular and hardly participate in any international activities.

Now contrast that with Singapore:
  • We are a big country requiring more than 1 hours to travel from east to west. This makes our transport requirment very complex and so the Transport Minister deserves more money than his counterpart in USA.
  • We have both farms and farmers in Choa Chu Kang, and biotech and scientists in biopolis. Such diverse economy and people in diverse occupation makes the job of the Trade And Industry Minister and Home Affairs Minister very difficult, and so they, too, deserves much higher salary than theirs counterpart in USA.
  • We have sent humanitarian missions to Indonesia in the Tsunami disaster. Our PM also flew to Doha to support our Sports team. All these translate to our Minister of Defence and Minister of Foreign Affairs having much more tasks to accomplish than their counterparts in USA have, and so again they deserve much more than the latter. Don't forget: United States' Defence Minister and Foreign Affair Minister need only shake leg at home, while their troops fight in Iraq. So how to compare?
There is no basis for comparison at all! USA is easy to govern, SG is difficult. FULL STOP! This Chee is outrageous. So, yesterday, I nearly went down to Ngee Ann City to give him the scolding that a mad man like him deserves.

Then, on second thought, I decided better not lah. I am not that good at debating in an uncensored "live" environment where i cannot anyhow censor what my opponent says. Better leave it to the Ministers and our news media to "demolish him". I should just stick to the job that I do best - ass-licking and apple-polishing. So here's a few licks and polishes:

Long Live Minister Mentor! We wish you a long life, so that you have enough time to demolish Chee. And congratulations on your honourary degree in Law. You most deserve it. You have done a lot to our law . I don't think any opposition members can deny what I just said: You indeed, had done a lot to our law and our constitution in the past 40 years!


The Human Battery said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Happy asslicking and applepolishing. keke!

Alexis de Tocqueville said...

Funny blog...Well done

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog. I fully subscribe to your writings.

Look at the poor USA which is populated by pests like godzilla", dinosaurs, Fri 13rd killers, chaotic prison breaks (2nd season now), natural disasters like "day after tomoorow.

Unlike here where we are safe and protected from Dr Chee.

With such a great team of leaders, We should peg their pay above Bill Gate.

kkhim said...

maybe PAP should just rule the world.