Thursday, April 12, 2007

No match for me

Dr Lily Neo has said she will donate
the increment in her MP allowance
Public Assistance recipients in her constituency.

I prefer this woman.
Her ass-licking and apple-polishing
are half-hearted,
and contradicted by her actions.
She is no match for my all-out effort lah!
She will not be a threat to my rice bowl,
unlike the ugly bitch below.

Maybe that's why she looks
so much prettier than the ugly bitch;
Women who don't know how to suck cocks,
can only attract my Asses' attention with looks.
Conversely, those who know how to suck well,
can afford to look like shit!

As for ass-lickers like me,
pretty or ugly also doesn't matter;
My Asses never get to see me,
'cos I lick from the "behind"!

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