Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monkey Business

President S R Nathan, speaking to reporters at the Istana Open House on 8 Feb 08:
"Ah Meng has been so much of a symbol of the Zoo. A lot of people – locals and foreigners – have enjoyed her company. I'm sure the patrons of the Zoo will miss her a great deal. But that's life."

We pay the President of the Republic of Singapore more than $4,000,000 a year to talk about how much he misses a monkey?

I counted - 40 words altogether. That's more than $100,000 per word.

Wah, really golden words!

Why doesn't he talk about how much he misses the many human Singaporeans who have "fallen" onto the MRT tracks? (He is the people's president, not a monkey president, right?)

Or tell us how many tonnes of $50/kg bak kwa he bought with his 7 figure salary - more than 8 times that of US president - to share with the visitors to his Istana who cannot afford such delicacies? (Erm, he did treat his visitors, right?)

Or explain why he is charging citizens who visit certain buildings in the Istana (built using his salary??) a fee, in the name of "charity"?

Yes, Mr. President. we, in Young Pay-And-Pay, miss that monkey too...

...for we now have one less thing to remind us of the monkey business that is going on everyday on this Island!

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