Friday, January 18, 2008

Malaysian Government unwisely cares for its citizens

Malaysia will ban hotels from hiring foreigners in frontline positions, bringing them into line with airports which are also subject to the order aimed at reducing migrant labour, an official said today.

Victor Wee, secretary general for the tourism ministry, defended the directive on positions that involve direct contact with customers, saying hotels should not rely on cheap foreign labour.

"We want more Malaysians working as frontliners in hotels instead of foreigners. There are many Malaysians unemployed and employers should be prepared to pay more," Wee said.

"We'd like to implement policies to the benefit of Malaysians," he said.

Why is the Malaysian government doing such foolish things that will raise the cost of doing business? Doesn't the Malaysian government know that money should be the only bottom line?

The Malaysian government would do well to learn from PAP. Here in Singapore, we import lots of cheap foreign labour to suppress wage. Then we brainwash our citizens that such import is unavoidable, because locals refuse to do such jobs. Then we censor the fact that locals refuse to do such jobs because employers are suppressing wages. Haha!

We, in Young Pay-And-Pay, used to be able to do such brain-washing easily. Nowadays, with the existence of so many online news paper - for example, this news report can be found online at - our job has been made much more difficult. Luckily, most peasants do not get their news from the internet and our controlled newspapers banned such news. But still, I think we in Young Pay-And-Pay deserve a pay raise for having to do a more difficult job!

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