Friday, February 15, 2008

I clean up Minister's shit

"We expected you to be shocked by it.
"We wanted you to be shocked by it.
"We had never intended to implement it! "
"It's our way to get you to accept
the real plan we had in mind"

Don't say I anyhow put words into his mouth, ok?

You read it for yourself and tell me if I have paraphrased him correctly:

Today, 14 February 2008 .
The Government's initial floating of a non-refundable annuity scheme offering payouts from age 85 had met with strong public resistance. Dr Ng said this was expected. "We wanted people to be shocked that they would be living for so long � and then just gently reinforce the messages," he said, adding that the refundable option "was always on the table".

In other words, the government had - right from the very beginning - one and only one plan: refundable premium.

But, it had pretended that it wanted to impose a non-refundable version - a version that does not exist at all! It had fully expected that this lie would not go down well with the people, and it had schemed - right from day 1 - to release the real plan, after people objected to the phantom non-existent plan!

It's like shopping:

Auntie: "this one - how much"?

Shop owner (to himself : "$50"):
Shop owner: "$100"

Auntie: "What? You taking me for a ride? Good bye"!

Shop owner: "Ok lah, Auntie, don't angry lah. Give you 50% discount, ok? $50. Cannot go lower - already selling you at cost price"!

Auntie: "Deal!"

Auntie to her daughter: "See? Mummy is so good at bargaining. Be like me - assertive, stand up for yourself. Don't be a push-over. This shop not bad. Next time, must vote for it in those shopping-experience contest".

Shop owner to his son (the future shop owner): "her initial outrage was expected. We wanted her to be shocked. $50 was always on the table - actually, the only thing on the table".

Way to go!, man!

That's the way to run a country - play tricks on your citizens, devise schemes to con them, lie to them....

...and then tell them boldly you have tricked them and conned them and lied to them!

Well done, Minister Ng Eng Hen!

You are indeed of ministerial material! Only Ministers of calibre are that bold.

And now, it's up to us in Young Pay-And-Pay to do the damage control for you!


You vomit shit, and we gotta cover your back-side for you!


Every time like that!

KNN, next time you can learn to keep your big mouth shut or not?

Why must boast? Just laugh quietly at those peasants' stupidity, cannot is it?

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