Thursday, December 6, 2007


Channel NewsAsia, 05 December 2007, by Chio Su-Mei
...17 staff members at the Prime Minister's Office received their National Day Honours. The medals awarded at the ceremony were The Commendation Medal, The Efficiency Medal and The Long Service Medal. The award winners were later hosted to a reception where they mingled with Singapore's top leaders.

A total of 3,822 individuals received National Day Honours in 21 award categories this year.

I have a medal too!

I am so proud that I wear it around my collar every day. Here it is:

Ain't my medal shiny and pretty?

What a well deserved reward for my excellent performance as a dedicated Ass Licker and Apple Polisher!

(Of course, I have also received other rewards, such as money and power. But, those, we have to keep away from the public eyes, don't we? LOL)

Come! Join me in Young Pay-And-Pay! Give up your morality, logic and sense of right and wrong. Call me Sifu. I will teach you the fine art of how to carry balls without puking, how to look at old beggars and claim we are helping them with higher GST, how to say "wiow, it smells good" every time our bosses fart, and so on.

Then you , too, can receive a medal as shiny as mine!

Just one catch: you wouldn't be able to pass the medal on to your sons, daughters or descendants. They would be too ashamed to be associated with you! They would rather nobody know you are their parent or grandparents! Anyway, that's if you could have kids. Ball carriers like us who bully peasants, usually end up with no descendants i.e. 断子绝孙. But that's a small price to pay for a shiny medal, I guess.

Woof Woof!

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