Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The best place on earth

Singapore is truly the best place on Earth.

I know it first hand.

I know, because no where else on earth can I, a young Pay-and-Pay member, earn as much money as I am earning now, just by apple-polishing and ass-licking.

And the sky's the limit, as far as my salary is concerned! Look, with just part-time boot licking, I can already pocket $20,000 per month and $200,000++ per year.

So, if one day, I succeeded in throwing away completely all the moral values my mommy taught me since young - values such as speaking up for the less-fortunate, compassion, honesty etc - I could go full time and earn a few millions a year, doing the exact same job as my counterpoarts do in other larger countries with more complex situations!

I am working hard to achieve that. Give me another 10 years, to brain-wash myself and I am sure I can make it.

Thus, I wonder why 50,000 idiots emigrated from Singapore to Australia!

They must have been goondus who are rejected by Young Pay-And-Pay, due to their stubbornness in refusing to give up their moral values!

These rejects cannot get such high salaries in Singapore, because the money that would have otherwise form part of their salaries, have to be siphoned off in the form of taxes and GST and fees, to be given to us, the ruling elites. Hence they have no choice but to emigrate to Australia.

That's really a brain drain for us. I mean, after they leave, who is going to toil and work to supply us our millions? Luckily, our big big boss got a big big idea - an idea so wild that it has never been tried anywhere else in the word - we can import foreigners to replace those who left!

So yeah, leave all you want! You guys are being replaced successfully even as I am writing now. Haha!

And those peasants! who cannot leave do not mind having foreigners replacing their leaving fellow countrymen! Foolish of them, but good for us in Young Pay-And-Pay - it's cheaper to replace you guys who left, than to change policies to attract you people to stay!

More good years with fat bonuses for us! Woohoo!

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young-pap said...

So, I have been away for a month, busy spending my ill-gotten gains. What with New Year and fat year-end bonuses. You get the idea. But today, I suddenly have this urge to lick some asses and polish some apples. And to my surprise, when I login, I read this: This blog is under review due to possible Blogger Terms of Service violations.

What the F? Have some of you crazy peasants gone mad with jealousy at the unimaginable astronomical amount of money and power that I gained from ass-licking and apple-polishing, that you decided to make some unjustified complaint to blogspot about this esteemed blog of mine? Alas, your attempt is going to be futile, after I "counter-complain" about you and ask blogspot to investigate further into the origin/source/ip of your complaint! Blogspot is not a company owned by Temasek or GIC. Too bad for you. Haha!