Friday, November 23, 2007


ST HILDA'S Primary pupil Natasha Nabila binte Muhamad Nasif is the top scorer in the Primary School Leaving Examination results that were released in schools at noon on Thursday.

Her aggregate score of 294 set a new record for the examinations, beating the last highest score of 292 set in 1993 by Nanyang Primary boy Justin Lau Yang Zheng.

Natasha, 12, whose father is a technician and mum, a housewife, is from the gifted education stream.

The Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board described her results as 'outstanding', as she was ahead by six points from the next two highest scorers,

Straits Times must have made a mistake!

According to a certain very wise man, when a graduate father mates with a graduate mother, they have a super high chance of producing a clever child, whereas the chance of a peasant father and a peasant mother having an intelligent offspring is near impossible.

So given such low probability, how can it be that this girl became The top PSLE scorer?

The wise man can never be wrong.

The consequence would be dire if he were wrong: we have based our taxation system - which gives substantial tax rebates to high-earning mothers - and entire statutory board such as SDU on the premise that this wise man put forward!

If he were wrong, one entire generation of peasants' kids would have been penalised for nothing; we would have enticed their parents to sterilize for nothing!

No! He is not wrong. How can he ever be? He is the one and only wise man!

Straits Times must have been wrong. Tomorrow, I will marshall our ghost writer unit to bombard its editors to be more careful next time when publishing such news that may damage our wise man's reputation. Straits Times is becoming very unruly recently. We must rein it!


Anonymous said...

Yr blog will probably have creditability if you base your commentary with fact and/or data.

From what I see it the education works as the brightest or the cream can be picked up regardless of your background, race and religion.

Is not a perfect country

young-pap said...

Then you must be living in a different country from me, because... in MY country, the education works in such a way that children are "picked up" WITH regard to their background, race and religion, and regardless of their brilliance.

For example, children whose BACKGROUND involve a graduate mother are "picked up", whereas those whose BACKGROUND involve non-graduate mothers are "put down". That is, the graduate mother scheme continue to this day in the form of high tax rebates given to women who earn a lot of income i.e. mostly graduate women. Such tax rebates are not given to the father, because my leader believed that it is the mother's education level that will determine the children's education level.

With regard to RACE, those who are not indigenous to the land are "picked up" for top Military scholarships, whereas the indigenous race are "put down". My leader has not only admitted this, but provided the justification for it: He does not want those soldiers to face a dilemma and have to choose between loyalty to the country and loyalty to their religion!

With regard to RELIGION, certain highly sought-after schools with religious affiliation have principals who grant discretionary transfer admittance (i.e. "pick up") to students with the same religious affiliation and reject i.e. "put down" applications from students of other religions. This is despite all public schools receiving public funds from tax-payes!

So yes, indeed MY country is far from perfect. It is a country with a terrible education system where the brightest or the cream will NOT be picked up because of their background, race and religion.

So again, either you are living in a diff country from me, or *horror*, you are an even better boot licker and running dog than I! If so, please join us! We in Young Pay-And-Pay need people like you a lot!