Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cha Cha Cha

Lim Boon Heng, Minister in charge of Ageing, dancing with former MP, Dr. Aline Wong...
...at an "aging carnival"

Ah Lao went there too. He went to pick up the rubbish they left behind:

(Note: pic was actually taken elsewhere,
but you get my point).

What a wonderful "ageing carnival".

Were you there?

I was .

We had a terrible eye-sore of a time watching our current boss and former boss danced!

Their dance were awful. Really terrible! But I was the one who clapped the loudest till both my palms were red! LOL!

Living up to my name as the top ass licker and apple polisher at Young Pay-And-Pay, I even shouted "encore" till my voice became hoarse.

Luckily, the minister did not take my request seriously. Otherwise, we would have to endure more eye sore! Haha!

After the carnival, I left immediately, making sure that I did not make eye contact with any old cleaners on the way out. I think it will still pain me a bit, if I were to see those 80 years old, cleaning up at an "ageing carnival"!

My Gong Fu is still not good enough. Seniors in Young Pay-And-Pay tell me that they don't feel any pang of guilt at all.

Hopefully, after performing more apple polishing and ass licking, whatever little morals I have will disappear. Then, in addition to being able to make eye contact, I also do not need to feel like puking when I said "encore", anymore!

Practice makes perfect.

This principle works for both apple-polishing and dancing!

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