Friday, March 20, 2009

Foreigner's Action Party

The Singapore Tourist Board (STB) has volunteered - without having even been asked - to represent and act on behalf of an American tourist in the small claims court, in the matter of an alleged over-pricing incident at Newton Hawker Centre. (Note that the American did not initiate the court case. STB did on its own accord!)

Against this backdrop, Singaporeans must be wondering why not a single government statutory board is representing and acting on behalf of Singaporeans in the matter of alleged mis-selling by DBS bank in the minibond saga? (Note that literally thousands of Singaporeans have asked for the government's assistance in commencing legal action against DBS)

My standard Young Pay-And-Pay answer to these blur-fuck 66.6% Singaporeans is simple:

Do you know what the real name of our party is?

Hint: Read the title of this post

1 comment:

Luke said...

Come on, when there's only one case, it's easy to wayang and generate good publicity, important for the eyes of foreigners.
When there are thousands of cases, it's alot of work, you know. And the banks we have to act against are GLCs and Foreign owned.