Wednesday, March 18, 2009

实用价值 Practical Value







Old Fart emphasized that in deciding whether to learn a language, one must consider its "practical value"

Oh, com'on, don't be modest - it's not just learning a language, in everything and anything you Old Fart ever did for/to Singaporeans, you "must consider its practical value"

That's why you want to send sick elderly Singaporeans to JB, because they no longer have any "practical value"!

Your Lao Gecko is now half-dead and has no "practical value", why don't you send her off right now?

Old Fart, when are you going to die?

We are losing our patience!

The youngsters of yesterday allowed Old Fart to exterminate their MOTHER tongue, based on "practical value".

Today, they reaped what they sowed - Old Fart now applies the same "practical value" ideology on them - now in their 80s - and decide to export these grandMOTHERS to Johor!!!

It's called Retribution - they allowed a terrible ideology to be applied on others, now that same ideology is applied on them!

Likewise, if young voters of today allow Old Fart to apply the "practical value" ideology on the elderly citizens of today...

30 years later, when these voters turn old, PAP will apply the "practical value" concept on them and kick them out of Singapore!

What "practical value" are we talking about?

Consider "practical value" when learning MOTHER tongue?
Consider "practical value" when dumping grandMOTHERS?
Consider "practical value" when dumping YOU?

Practical your Lan Jiao!

We should learn our MOTHER tongue simply because it is our MOTHER tongue!
We should honour our MOTHERS simply because they are our MOTHERS!
We should not throw our grandMOTHERS in JB, simply because they are our grandMOTHERS!
What "practical value" do you need to consider?

I hope young Singaporeans today will not make the same "practical value" mistake that their grandparents have made when deciding whether to vote for or against PAP and its "practical value" policies, and suffer the fury of "practical value" when they themselves have no "practical value".

There is Retribution!

This is it.

I hope I have illustrated it well enough.

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