Friday, August 19, 2011

Guess: which TWO politicans?

Politician A, in 1984:
I am not worried whether the new admission policy will lessen the chances of children of non-graduate mothers not getting the schools of their choice. The main problem is whether the policy will have any significant effect on graduate mothers wanting to have more children."

"I will certainly support any move which will help to reverse this trend [of graduate mothers not having their 'fair share of children']. So, in my view, the [graduate mother] priority scheme is worth a try."

Politician B, in 2011:
"I fought against the Graduate Mothers Scheme. I persuaded my colleagues that it was unfair to put the children of mothers without university degrees at a disadvantage. I got the policy changed."

Question: Who's that bastard politician A who was "not worried" about the unfairness ("lessen the chance of") of the Graduate Mother Scheme, and who thought it was "worth a try"?

Question: Who's that heroic politician B who "fought against" the unfairness and "persuaded" others that it was unfair?

Answer: who else, but (again!!!), that very same man who "face thick thick", is now everyday busily (passively) shaking the hands of fishmongers and saving fainting children (on camera), desperately hoping that such comical last-minute manoeuvre can help fool Singaporeans.

Meet Tony Tan, Politician A.

Meet Tony Tan, Politician B.

That's right - there are no "TWO politicians".

Just one - a double-headed snake with forked tongue!

This man had done nothing of positive significance at the Ministry of Education or any other ministry he headed!

He has no record to back him up! He is desperate for some credentials! And that's what a desperate man does: lie through his teeth!

At the flick of his forked tongue, he can switch history around to suit his convenience:
- from an asshole who was "not worried", to a hero who "fought against"!
- from a piece of shit who would "certainly support", to a savior who "got the policy changed".

Is he suffering from multiple personality disorder?

No lah! He is very sane; A sane, desperate politician, fighting and lying, so as to live in a super-huge mansion called Istana, with $4,000,000 per year for 6 years, all for doing nothing!

Is this the kind of person whose photo you want your children to look up to, in the school hall everyday?


You and I deserve better! We are not paying peanuts; We should not be getting a monkey (or a double-headed snake!)

We deserve an honest, fair and active president who intends to do lots of work and has a mission to fulfill! Such a person will be worth the money we pay him.

That man is Tan Jee Say.

Tan Jee Say, HO SAY!

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