Saturday, May 14, 2011

Political joke of the year!

Joker Lee Kuan Yew speaking at NTUC's 50th anniversary celebrations and dinner on 13 May 2011
"In government, I have never forgotten that it is in the interest of the workers and their unions that we must strive for growth and development.

"In other words,
growth is meaningless unless it is shared by the workers - shared not only directly in wage increases but indirectly in better homes, better schools, better hospitals, better playing fields and, generally, a healthier environment for families to bring up their children."

This must be the biggest joke of the year!

Here's the man who pushed for GDP growth at all cost, who defended the import of foreigners because according to him, GDP growth will slow down without such massive import, and who specifically said that he is not concerned at all with Singapore's almost-world-record GINI coefficient!

And mind you, he said all these only a few months ago!

Maybe this is what the Chinese called: 老頑童
(Old man behaves like little boy! And as we know, mischievous little boys love lying!)

Then again, it may be an omen: 人之將死,其言也善
(A person who is about to die will start talking good)

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