Sunday, August 19, 2007

A fair system

“我最感激的是新加坡有一个公平的制度,无论是本地人还是外国人,大家都有机会在同一个起跑点上竞争。” - 两年前和父母同获新加坡公民权的总统奖学金得主刘晨之父亲刘洛生

“What I am most gratified is that Singapore has a fair system, such that no matter citizens or foreigners, everyone has equal opportunity to compete at the same starting point" - Father of Liu Cheng, president scholar and new citizen of 2 years.

I am very pleased to know that our Chinese newspaper has devoted a special interview piece to highlight the above message to their readers - potential new citizens from China.

I am most happy that our system does not confer any "unfair" advantage whatsoever to Singaporeans vis a vis foreigners

I am full of joy to know that citizenship comes with National Service liability but does not confer any special starting point or opportunity to Singaporeans.

All these means that citizenship is worthless and nothing pleases me more than that.

Now, all these may sounds contradictory, but if you think carefully, it is actually all very logical and makes perfect sense because.....

P.S. The above are the gist of this unfinished post. I will wriggle my way out and cook up some distorted reasoning to justify my joy and happiness later.

Sigh, being a member of Young Pay-And-Pay is not easy. Sometimes, logic and reasoning must be twisted so much and plucked out of thin air, such that it really cause me migraine!

So, don't envy us Young Pay-And-Pay members, ok! Our money and power do come as easily as you peasants imagine. Boot-licking and Apple-polishing are refined arts that require years of hard training!

And even then, right now, I am having a writer's block!

But no matter, because regardless of what silly nonsensical reasoning I cook up eventually, it will be published faithfully by the newspapers, for you peasants to regurgitate, and any contrary view will get no airing!

Ok, time to get my creative juice cranking.

Any suggestions?

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